Apply for Service

Signing up for service is easy. If you are a homeowner or residential tenant, just take a few minutes to complete a residential service application. New accounts for businesses and organizations can be added by completing a business application. Applications may be found by clicking on the blue boxes below. Please allow up to one business day to process your application.

Transfer service over the phone by dialing 800-682-5903, and filling out the residential service application above. Our member service representatives would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you open an account.  In addition, members signing up for the Residential All-Electric Service Rate will need to submit this agreement. The Cooperative Documents page will assist in answering any questions you may have regarding Bylaws, Services Rules and Regulations, and our Nondiscrimination Statement. 

*** NOTICE: Members, due to current material shortages, please expect delays when requesting underground services. ***

Other forms members may need when applying

Security Deposits

When signing up for service, a new member may be required to pay a security deposit if he/she does not authorize or receive a satisfactory credit report, or enroll in our Prepaid Power Program.

Service Fees

  • Credit Check - With authorization from the member, Surry-Yadkin EMC will run a credit check for any new applicant.  If the report is satisfactory, a deposit will not be required.  
  • Prepaid Power - Members can choose EZ Power when they apply for new service, or they can enroll at any point if they have an active residential account with Surry-Yadkin EMC.

If a consumer deposit is required for the account, it will begin earning interest after 90 days. The deposit is automatically credited to your account after 12 months, provided the credit history on the account meets established criteria. If a satisfactory payment record has not been established within the 12-month period, the deposit will remain on the account and the payment record will continue to be reviewed on a year to year basis until a satisfactory payment record is established.


Medical considerations

If you have a medical need you would like flagged on your account in our system, please print the physician's form below and return it to our office or email it to

Medical emergency form