Rates, Riders & Forms

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment Rider 

The Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment Rider (W.P.C.A.) is applicable to all electric service supplied under the Cooperative's Retail Rate Schedule.

Renewable Generation Rider 

Available in conjunction with any of the Cooperative’s retail rate schedules, except the Single-Phase Time-of-Day Service schedule, for consumers who have an Eligible Qualifying Facility of 25 kW or less interconnected directly with the Cooperative’s system and who have contracted to sell some or all generator capacity and energy to the Cooperative.

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Rider 

Service under this rider is applicable to all retail consumers of the Cooperative for the recovery of the Cooperative's incremental costs associated with meeting their Renewable Energy Standard Portfolio (REPS) pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 62-133.8 and NCUC Rule R8-67.

Energy Efficiency Rider 

Service supplied under the Cooperative’s retail rate schedules are subject to energy efficiency adjustments for demand-side management and energy efficiency programs that the Cooperative implemented after January 1, 2007, and have been approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC).


Updated 10/15/2021