Kim Blackburn, manager of Member Support and Energy Services, has been a valued employee of SYEMC for 28 years. Throughout her years of service, she has worn many hats and held many positions such as, as a drive-thru cashier and in billing, in collections and service orders, and currently works in member support and energy services.  According to Blackburn, she oversees “a great team that works hard helping members with high bill issues and energy audits, rebates, bill credits, long term payment agreements, collections, meter tampering, and also works with SYEMC’s Bellwether Management Contractors and meter inspections.”

At this time, she also serves on the Board for the NC SC Revenue Protection Council where she and her peers “try to educate others and support ongoing efforts to combat revenue loss due to utility theft in hopes of reducing the unfair financial burden placed on honest members.” 

Blackburn was born and raised in Mount Airy and graduated from North Surry High school in 1987 prior to attending Surry Community College. Before her employment at SYEMC, she worked as a teller and assistant vault teller for five years at Southern National Bank.  When asked what she enjoys most about her current role at SYEMC, Blackburn said that “from 1993 until 2021, the most rewarding part of my job has been finding creative ways to help our members. From helping find the best rate that suits a member’s needs and long-term ways for them to save money, to helping members work through high bill issues and finding ways to be more energy efficient. Getting to know our members on a personal level and building relationships with them has always been important to me. I always try to remember that you never know when you might be in someone else’s shoes and to try and be a good listener – and to just be kind.”

In her spare time outside of work, Blackburn enjoys spending time with her husband of 28 years, Joey, and their two children, Savannah and Nolan.  She also enjoys attending church, spoiling her ‘fur babies’, shopping, and going to the beach where she can “take a break and feel the sand in her toes”. Blackburn stated that “music has always been a big part of her life and she enjoys spending time playing the piano.”